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February 16 2012

Psysalia Psysalis Psyche- “My Dinosaur” PV

Psysalia Psysalis Psyche blow things up on a minor scale in their latest PV for “My Dinosaur.”

The PV really looks more like a beginners course in CGI where all the mini-fires and explosions are computer generated. The interesting part is that the video in intercut with images of animals like kitties and turkeys, so there is a minor sense of dread that one of these precious animals might get blowed up real good.

My guess is that the band is safe inside their van trying to use their psychic abilities to make mysterious things happen.

As for the song, it’s a raucous affair that sounds like Blur’s “Song No. 2″ , the Arctic Monkeys and (insert your favorite screamy brit band here)  had a funky monkey baby. Love it.

Psysalia Psysalis Psyche’s new album #7 is out now, released 2.8.2012. Sense it over at CDJapan.

Also hit up PPP’s official website.

February 15 2012

Another Sunnyday digest look at My Freedom

Another Sunnyday was kind enough to produce a digest video for their upcoming album My Freedom. This almost 7 minute video provides an earburst of the 11 tracks, which should get your excited for the release.

The video on the other hand shows us exactly what happens when you listen to the record at home with your buddies and drink excessively. It always ends up with you puking in a bucket.

Yet after listening to this digest, it’s clear that My Freedom is not a pukefest. Another Sunnyday have a winner on their hands.

Get ready for their new album out 2.29.2012 at CDJapan and shine on over at Another Sunnyday’s official website.

February 14 2012

Itsue- “言葉は嘘をつく” PV

If you can get past the barefoot beauty and the liquidy smokey just-don’t-want-to-touch-it nasty stuff floating around, just close your eyes and listen to Itsue’s “言葉は嘘をつく.” It will easily win you over.

The lead singer’s vocals  fit rather snuggly inside this slow burner rock band’s sound, and should get you excited about their 1st mini-album Ikutsumono E out 3.7.2012. CDJapan will hook you up. Also, this might actually be released earlier on so keep your eyes peeled.

Learn more about the band at Itsue’s official website and twitter.


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February 13 2012

Plenty- “蒼き日々” PV

There is plenty to be thankful for..

Yes Plenty is back with a new self-titled album which is a perfect after Valentine’s Day treat.  They also released a PV for the excellent single “”蒼き日々”.

The track is a wonderful sing-a-long that you can pop in your ear-buds and scream out with, assuming you are walking down the highway and letting the passing cars drown out your voice. You’ve got to love the way the background music cuts out at the 3.32 mark and we hear what the average person would hear. Brilliant!

Get a whole lot of plenty on 2.15.2012 at Yesasia.

Plenty’s official website will provide you a tracklisting of the new album.


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February 10 2012

your gold, my pink- “Virgin Suicides” PV

Grab your sparklers and let’s head over to the bonfire (made out of fireworks).

Cuz that’s where your gold, my pink is playing their sparkle-y single “Virgin Suicides.” You won’t find the Lisbon Sisters here, but you will be treated to a tinkle-y tune.

Your gold, my pink’s first full album is Teenage Riot and expect great things when this album drops 2.15.2012. Preorder at CDJapan.

Say goodbye over at your gold, my pink’s official website.

February 09 2012


ASPARAGUS welcomes their fans back with some upbeat music love called “MEND OUR MINDS”. The promotional single, “MEND OUR MINDS”, is offered on their album Paragraphs set to release at the end of the month on Feb. 28th. ASPARAGUS are no rookies to the music scene, being formed in 2002 and making great music ever since. They have been collaborating with bands all around Japan which includes their drummer being a part of the the HIATUS’ touring group.

Make sure to check them out at their label’s website. You can also find some more great sounding music here
Also, check out their album when it drops on Feb. 28th! You can pre-order it from CDJapan or YesAsia

Heavenstamp- “Decadence” PV

Has Heavenstamp even released a full album yet?

We think that answer is still no.. but that doesn’t stop the group from cranking out another E.P with remixes, this time for the plucky track “Decadence.”

The PV is a nice stop-motion animation video that looks like the characters and backgrounds were made out of cardboard and paper.

Find out if CDs are still relevant by looking for this Decadence-E.P.+Remixes from CDJapan out 3.28.2012.

The group seems to have shrunk in size too. Pretty sure the band used to have 4 members. Read about it over at Heavenstamp’s official website and facebook.

(We also don’t know how long this video will stay online, so watch it while you can.)

February 08 2012

GEEKS- “Minx Melancholia” PV

Hit up this “Swinging Rock Party Tonight!”

Gawd, this band of GEEKS are not afraid to rock an infectious dark pop punk track in “Minx Melancholia,” and you are indeed a dweeb not to geek out with them. Join their party.

“Minx Melancholia” is fun fun fun.The killer keyboard synth bagpipes should make you smile, and the Bohemian Rhapsody style chorus should have you grinning from ear to ear. LOVE IT, nerds.

You spazzes need GEEKS new album Daryl McGufin out 2.15.2012. Hunt it down at

All you dorks can head over to GEEKS official website for more. Weirdos.

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February 07 2012

the loud function- “セカイのタイオン” PV

It’s getting loud up in here.

The loud function return with “セカイのタイオン” off their December 2011 release Air, and bring the rock. It literally looks like the camera is panning up and down a gravel road in the PV. We also get some weird stuff going on, like Sistine Chapel imagery, gardening, ribbon cutting and full out Loud Function guitar blasts.

Throw your confetti and go dancing along with “セカイのタイオン.” Find it on the 5 track mini-album at  CDJapan.

Feel how hot it is over at the loud function’s official website.

Mamaguitar- “Eat you up/Bunny” PV

Mamaguitar keeps early 60′s retro rock alive.

After a long hiatus, Mamaguitar are back with the prodding of Shintaro Sakamoto. Clap along to the beach blanket bingo swinger “Eat you up/Bunny.” The PV is another cute animated video with a piggy and bunny “Aaaahing” along to the infectious single.

Mamaguitar’s new album is called Mamaguitar sings Mamaguitar. I know. Right? It’s out 2.24.2012 from

Make Eric Von Zipper proud and hit up Mamaguitar’s official website.


February 06 2012

Hey Smith “Our Freedom” Official DVD produced by Maxilla Films

There is a TON of J-rock music out the week of 2-6-2012 enough to drain your wallets dry. Should you fill the urge to max out your credit cards even more so,  Hey Smith is releasing a live performance DVD Our Freedom produced by Maxilla Films on 2.8.2012.

This bad boy is a region-2 two DVD set that looks like pure adrenaline. The first disc is all live rock from Hey Smith’s 2011 Free Your Mind album, and the second discs are music videos and extra movies.

For a complete breakdown of tracks visit Hey Smith’s official website. Now head over to CDJapan and salute your freedom.

Apple Satou and the Happy Hercules Boys- “I love you” PV

I love you Apple Satou and the Happy Hercules Boys.

We at SP profess our love this Valentines month to Apple Satou for creating one of the best WTF videos for 2012. Their PV for  “I love you” shows you all the crazy things that happen when your car breaks down in the middle of the wilderness and you’re stuck sleeping in it overnight.

You might see strange and terrible things. Was that Yo Yo Girl Cop? Is that a group of school kids dancing like Michael Jackson? Don’t even ask me about the guy wrapped up in duck tape.

Thank you Apple Satou and the Happy Hercules Boys for making February a punk rock lovefest. The band’s self titled album is out 2.8.2012. Grab it at CDJapan.

Take a bite over at Apple Satou’s official website.

T.C Speaker- “Break to Remake” PV

How good are the acoustics up on the rooftops anyway?

Just asking since so many J-bands take to the skies whenever they want to rock their little hearts out. So is the case with T.C Speaker and their spunky pop punk “Break to Remake” single.

It’s a standard chugger with typical slower tempo break-down and ending on a nifty full group sing-a-long, and yet it’s done very very well. Thumbs up, dudes.

Well this track is actually on T.C Speaker’s album Good-by My World released waay back in June of 2011, but it’s new SP, so enjoy! Grab it at Yesasia too.

Try not to get kicked in the face when you visit T.C Speaker’s official website.

February 05 2012

The Oral Cigarettes- 2fer “逆恨み小僧” and “mist…”

Smoking is bad for you. BADASS if you are down with The Oral Cigarettes.

You know how those heavily addicted fools get the shakes until they get that first drag.. The Oral Cigarettes are absolutely convulsing in their shaking guitar rawkers “逆恨み小僧” and “mist…”

If you are jonesing for At the Drive-in to get back together, The Oral Cigarettes might calm you down until then.

They have a 2nd mini album 新月と牡羊座 dropping on Feb 12th. Where? Keep looking.

Inhale over at The Oral Cigarettes official website.

終わりのないカルテット – “インター ネットでダウンロードしてください” PV

Alternative/Garage band 終わりのないカルテット presents us with a song to download on the internet.

If you’re a fan of 神聖かまってちゃん (Shinsei Kamattechan), you should definitely give 終わりのないカルテット’s song “インターネットでダウンロードしてください” (Please Download It on the Internet) a listen. From the low budget PV that most of us could probably make with our cellphones and Microsoft Paint, to the off-key singing, to the general song aesthetic and topic, the Shinsei Kamattechan influence is obvious.

The main difference between them seems to be that 終わりのないカルテット has more of a rock sound, resulting at least partially due to the lack of keyboards. This fact actually makes if more enjoyable for me, but really depends on your tastes.

While I was not able to find an English site to physically purchase their mini-album “4,” released 2011/07/20, it is available for download on the internet. The album can be heard in full on what seems to be their official youtube, and can also be purchased on iTunes Japan for ¥750.

More information on 終わりのないカルテット and how to download their music can be found on their myspace  and official website.

February 02 2012

Butter Butter – “遊戯” PV

Butter Butter is back, and with their new PV “遊戯” (Yuugi/Game) they start off by demonstrating their negative outlook on life.

“遊戯” comes off Butter Butter’s 4th mini album “Re:臍繰” (Recycle), out for release on 2012/02/01. This will be their first release of new material since their 2010/07/07 mini album “4F.”

Lengthy samples of their new album can be found on their official soundcloud, and as always more information can be found on their official website .

Jake Stone Garage- “Himitsu” PV

If we had a dollar for every “secret” on Sparkplugged…

Well SP would have about 2 dollars. But it seems like “Himitsu” keeps popping up. Jake Stone Garage cranks up the volume in their rocker of the same name and it’s no secret that these guys have boulders for balls. Wait. What?

Just realize “Himitsu” rocks. Jake Stone Garage’s performance video is pretty energetic for only being a performance video, so enjoy some killer guitarmanship and massive smashing of the drums.

Please visit JSG’s official website. Look for their album FEELS out 2.8.2012 at CDJapan.

Taiji at the Bonnet- “Rock’N Roll Jedi” PV

You know you’ve made it, when your melt down makes national news.

Taiji at the Bonnet’s publicized melt down is just a chance for the group to highlight their smooth 70′s rock’n roll. “Rock’N Roll Jedi” is full of screaming guitar and Queen-esque falsetto vocals.

If you are a fan of Muse, (also heavily influenced by Queen) you should dig Taiji at the Bonnet. The PV for “Rock’N Roll Jedi” also makes prominent feature of the neon pyramid. Not sure if this is a shout out to Pink Floyd, but it’s the first thing that popped into my mind, anyway.

Rock Star Wars was released 1.25.2012. Get it at CDJapan. Use the force over at TAIJI at The Bonnet’s official website.

January 31 2012

the pillows – “Enerugiya”

It is fairly difficult to traverse the Japanese rock scene and not hear about the pillows. With over 20 years to the band’s name, they have established themselves as the kings of Japanese alt/indie rock music. Trial comes from their 18th studio album sharing the same name released on Jan. 18th, 2012.

It is my pleasure to present this band here, as they are truly one of the greats. I hope you enjoy their music as much as I do.

Check them out at their website!

Also, you can find their album, “Trial”, at CDJapan or YesAsia

January 30 2012

Number the.- “ナイトソングス” PV

Perfect 10. Number the. What a Night Song.

Imagine if the band CAKE used lived instruments to perform a funky Crystal Method song. That’s what I hear when Number the. hits the night shift in their single “ナイトソングス.” Can you dig it man?

If Number the.’s new album is a whole bunch of funk, then I’m on board. Look for NIGHTSONGS released 1.25.2012 at CDJapan.

Countdown to Number the.’s official website for more.

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